Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jeep Wrangler 2012 Model Changes For Australia

Jeep Australia have released pricing and specification changes for the 2012 Wrangler.

The Base Vehicle Price (BVP) has not changed. But most states have ordered all Renegade and Rubicon models with the option of Side Air Bags and Connectivity Group hence becoming a mandatory option unless you especially order one from the factory without them. Cost is $990 for both options.
The other big change is that you can now order a Rubicon with factory fitted Leather ($1500) in Black or Saddle. You can also order Body Colour Roof ($1000) and Body Colour Fender Flares ($250).
Don't expect to see any of these options at your local dealer as Jeep Australia have not pre-ordered many Rubicon models and the initial arrivals are already sold. So if you want a Rubicon expect to place an order now and get your Rubicon in April or May.
If you want to buy a 2 Door Wrangler with Turbo Diesel CRD 2.8L you will also have to order it and wait for them to build it and Jeep Australia will no longer bring this version as a stock vehicle. You need to place an irrevocable order and wait. The good news is if you wanted a manual 2 Door Wrangler CRD you can now order one. In recent years it was only imported as an auto.
Diesel 4 Doors will also be more readily available with an increase in production for Australia. Word is that Jeep don't make any money from the Diesel so that is why we don't get a Rubicon Diesel and the regular models are always in short supply. They make their $$ from the petrol models.
The tow ratings have also been changed.
All 2 Door model tow ratings have been reduced to just 1000 KG. Why? Previous rating was 1600KG?
Petrol 4 Door Manual is now 2000 KG (2268 KG)
Diesel 4 Door Manual and Auto 2200 KG (2268 KG)
Petrol 4 Door Auto 2300KG (2268)
Apart from new colours (Crush, Sahara Tan, Dozer, Black Forest Green) and the new Pentastar 3.6L V6 Petrol engine and a USB port in centre console the rest of the model is unchanged.


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