Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jeep Action Magazine Celebrate 100th Issue

Australia's Jeep Action Magazine have just published their 100th issue of this unique, specialist Jeep publication.

The 100th issue features 'Editor In Chief' Michael Bowen with his latest incarnation of his rescue Green JK Unlimited with the fit out of the first Australian Mopar JK8 Ute Conversion.
Congratulations Michael on a great magazine.
Make sure you pick up your copy from your local news stand or better still, get a subscription.
Go to Jeep Action Magazine

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Talking Jeep Oz would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all our followers, freinds and family.
We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable time over the Christmas and New Year festivities and that the New Year brings Peace, Joy and Prosperity to you all.
Let us also hope that the new year can also bring an end to political and religious conflict and hatred, and we can all move into a future of international harmony and  freindship.

This is a 'happy holiday' free zone.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012 - Is It Trail Ready?

In a blow to Australian buyers who are expecting their new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee is 'Trail Ready' the boffins at Jeep have made alterations to the front assembly of the 2012 Grand Cherokee and removed the heavy duty recovery hooks that were fitted as standard to Australian 2011 models. As we reported last month this issue is now having an impact as 2012 models start to arrive in Australia.
The removal of these hooks has a much larger impact than Jeep Australia realise.
Their award winning (2011 model) Jeep is really no longer ready for serious 4WD work, unless aftermarket recovery hooks are fitted. Jeep have supplied the 2012 Grand Cherokee with a screw in hook that does not appear to be as strong or safe as the twin 2011 hooks. These type of screw in hooks have proven to be unsuitable for safe recovery of a stricken 4WD in the past. Also the changes that they have made to the front end of the Jeep have rendered the 2011 Recovery/Tow Hooks unsuitable for fitting to the revised 2012 versions that are now arriving in dealer showrooms. The 2011 hooks can not be swapped to the new model as the front end has been changed by Jeep.
The Screw In Mount For 2012 Tow Hook - Is It Safe?
We have been informed the whole front assembly has been changed and the metal rail where the 2011 hooks bolt into has been removed. The 2011 hooks require this mount to securely mount to the vehicle. It also appears that the removal of this cross rail has enabled more foam and plastic infill to be fitted (possibly to meet European requirements).
The effect of this alteration has also impacted the fitting of the Mopar Nudge Bar and the aftermarket ECB Alloy Bull Bar. ECB have discovered their Alloy front bar wont fit a 2012 also and are having to re engineer the mounts.
Dont order hooks from the US as these will only fit a 2011 model.
The hook supplied by Jeep is a screw in tie down hook - but until Jeep prove otherwise, this hook is NOT SUITABLE for any serious recovery and is a shipping tie down only. There is no way this hook should be used for anything other than a light tow. It should not be used for use in a snatch strap or winch recovery.
A lot of people who have ordered the new Jeep and have been waiting for many months for delivery, are expecting their new Jeep to be ready for bush driving, having already seen the 2011 fitted with twin heavy duty recovery hooks at the time of making their purchase decision and ordering their vehicle, they will be very dissapointed to find their new Jeep no longer has them.
Now if they get stuck in a mud hole or on a sandy beach there is no heavy duty, safe and secure recovery hook to recover the vehicle safely.
Imagine one of those screw in hooks breaking loose in a recovery and flying through the air at a great speed, it could injure or even kill a person.
The 2012 mount holes are still in the chassis rail so it is feasable that a recovery hook can be manufactured after market.
For more information check out these Jeep Forum threads.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Talking Jeep Oz Reaches 1,000 Facebook Friends.

Thank you to all our followers on Facebook.
We have followers from all over the world as well as hundreds of Australian Jeep fans.

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Jeep Cherokee 2012 Australian Specification Changes

Australian Specifications for the 2012 Jeep Cherokee Range have been distributed.

As previously reported by Talking Jeep Oz, the 2012 Jeep Cherokee KK changes include the introduction of the Two Wheel Drive (2WD) variants as well as Satelite Navigation now standard on Limited.

 Full details below-
  • 4x2 models now available for Sport and Limited 3.7L V6 4 speed auto.
  • 17 inch silver accent wheels standard for Sport
  • Navigation and sound group now standard on Limited models. Group includes 8 amplified speakers plus subwoofer and Media centre 731N CD/DVD/HDD/Nav radio.
  • New paint colours: Canyon Brown (Pearl); True Blue (Pearl); Black Forest Green (Pearl)and Mineral Grey (Metallic)
  • Dark Charcoal, Light Sandstone and Blackberry paints no longer available.
The new models start to appear in showrooms after Christmas.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Dodge Nitro Rolls Off Toledo Assembly Line

The last Dodge Nitro has been produced in the US. The final Nitro's were built last Friday at the Jeep Toledo Assembly Plant where the Nitro shared platforms and many components with the Jeep Cherokee (Liberty in US). After initial sales success in the US and Australia the Nitro has suffered from erratic sales and marketing since the GFC. The Nitro was exported to Australia in 2007 where it sold well initially but it was not as popular in other markets and export production was limited.

Final Australian production vehicles are now being shipped and once these are sold there are no more. The positive outcome for Jeep is that the extra production time can now be utilised for production of more Jeeps.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jeep In The SAS During World War Two

Not much is heard of the SAS Jeeps and there successful exploits against the Germans in WW2.
These were highly modified Jeeps that were deployed behind enemy lines attacking enemy airfields and destroying planes on the ground. The vehicles were obtained by the British Army through the Lend-Lease Scheme and were suitably modified for SAS use.

"Their first successful raid was on 17th November 1941, when two groups destroyed 61 aircraft at two airfields. Another raid was launched soon after; this time twenty seven were destroyed. By July 1942 the regiment had 15 specially modified jeeps in action in North Africa.
The jeeps were stripped of all non-essential parts including the windscreen, most of the radiator grille bars and even sometimes the front bumper to increase the effective load carrying capacity of the vehicle. Thus the large amount of fuel and water needed for fast long-range raids could be carried avoiding the need for slower support vehicles. A water condensing unit was fitted to the front to reduce loss from the radiator which would otherwise have had to be topped up from the limited drinking water supplies. The jeeps also carried sand mats, metal wheel channels, radio equipment and large quantities of ammunition.
The jeeps were heavily armed with combinations of both Browning and Vickers K machine guns. The ex-aircraft Vickers weapons were generally mounted in pairs and a total of up to five machine guns were carried on some vehicles. The effectiveness of this armament firing a mix of ball, armour-piercing and tracer shells can be judged from one assault on an airfield where 12 aircraft were destroyed in a five minute raid. With all guns blazing a single SAS jeep could deliver an impressive 5000 rounds per minute! The net result was that over 400 aircraft had been destroyed on the ground by November 1942."
There full story is told on the SAS Jeep Wepage HERE

Friday, December 9, 2011

AEV Release Tubeless Bull Bar

By popular demand, AEV is proud to present our JK Tubeless Front Bumper. Based on the tried and true design of our JK Premium Front Bumper, the stylish stamped steel face of the new JK Tubeless Front Bumper is built to withstand all the rocks, mud and brush you can throw at it while providing a clean, European look. With full vehicle width and an optional Skid Plate, you get the best front-end protection in the industry with a design that melds seamlessly with your JK Wrangler. Our heavy-duty chassis mounted tow points and an optional Winch Mount will help you out of sticky situations, and you'll look good doing it.

The JK Tubeless Front Bumper includes auxiliary light mounts, factory fog light mounts, chassis-mounted tow-points and crush cans. It also receives an OE-level double stage paint process to help keep Mother Nature at bay.  AEV’s JK Tubeless Front Bumper now takes its place as the industry’s second stamped steel bumper – behind AEV’s original JK Premium Front  Bumper. Like the original, it offers style and protection like no other.

• Auxillary light mounts
• Factory fog light mounts
• Decorative stainless steel mesh
• Reinforced flat area on underside for hi-lift jack
• Airbag crush cans
• 1/2" steel, chassis-mounted tow points
• Fits 37" tires with no rubbing
• Fits most low mount planetary winches up to 9,500lbs
• OE-quality paint
• Textured, durable black powdercoat finish
• Optional Winch Mount
• Optional Skid Plate
• Made in the USA
Check it out at AEV

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jeep Unveil Two Nutical Inspired Wrangler Concepts

A peak at the future dirtection of Jeep style and design? Make your own mind up on these but some of the ideas are cool. The two concepts have been created in Paris in a collaboration between the Jeep and design studio Style & Design for the 51st edition of the Paris Boat Show.
Style & Design and Jeep ® offers as part of their partnership an exclusive interpretation of the colors of the Wrangler unimited NAUTIC.
The Wrangler Unlimited is in the form of two scenarios that follow two distinct design palettes:
White Jeep Wrangler Nautic by Style & Design

20 inch rims
Chrome grille
Navy wings sheathed in white leather
Dress spare wheel chrome and white leather
Trunk opening with finish Deck
Running Boards Deck Finish
Chrome door handles
Chrome trunk hinges
Personalized Leather upholstery Navy White
Deck floor mat finish
Console dashboard finish Deck
Inserts door handles finish Deck
Gear lever gaiter Leather Navy White
Dressing of leather headband Navy White
Rear white canvas awning and white canvas folding seats

The Black Jeep Wrangler Nautic by Style & Design
20 inch rims
Chrome grille
Wings sheathed in black leather Marine
Dress spare wheel chrome and black leather
Trunk opening with finish Deck
Running Boards Deck Finish
Chrome door handles
Chrome trunk hinges
Personalized Leather upholstery Navy Black
Deck floor mat finish
Console dashboard finish Deck
Inserts door handles finish Deck
Gear lever gaiter Black Leather Navy
Dressing of leather headband Navy Black
Back black canvas awning

source Jeep

Monday, December 5, 2011

Chrysler Sales Success In USA

Chrysler continues to grow in North America with sales of all brands rising in November. 
The all important Jeep brand had a huge 50% gain over November 2010. The result was Jeeps best result since 2003.
Updated Jeep Compass Arrives January 2012
The soon to arrive in Australia Jeep Compass recorded a massive 887% gain over November 2010 and the hugely popular Wrangler was up 41%.
This along with Chrysler, Dodge and Ram brands all acheiving sales increases makes the future of Chrysler look very strong. Chrysler is emerging as the shining light of the US auto industry and is acheiving great sales results since the restructure of the company a few years ago and the profitability that sales success brings makes the future look very rosey.
Chrysler Success All Around In November 2011 
  • Retail sales increase 51 percent in November versus same month a year ago
  • November marks the 20th-consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains
  • Best November sales since 2007
  • Sixth-consecutive month of sales gains of at least 20 percent
  • Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, and Ram Truck brands each post sales increases in November versus same month a year ago
  • Best November for Jeep brand sales since 2003
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee logs best sales month since August 2006; best November sales since 2005
  • Jeep Wrangler sets new sales record for month of November; sixth-consecutive monthly sales record this year
  • Jeep Compass sets new November sales record, its eighth-consecutive monthly sales record this year
  • Chrysler brand sales up 92 percent; highest percentage sales increase of all Chrysler Group brands
  • Best November sales for Chrysler brand since 2008
  • Dodge brand sales increase 43 percent; best November since 2007
  • New 2012 Jeep Wrangler earns Residual Value Award in ‘Compact Utility’ category from ALG and Best Resale Value in its class by Kelley Blue Book’s
Source Chrysler LLC