Saturday, March 5, 2011

Replacement For KK Cherokee (Liberty) Could Be 2012

The KK Cherokee (Liberty in US) is long over due for a re fresh especially with all the other Jeep models getting make overs recently. Word is that Chrysler have made a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that shows that the KK  will have a major upgrade in 2012. It is uncertain if it will be refreshed or if Chrysler is planning a more comprehensive makeover, the model is due for a complete replacement in Chryslers 5 Year business plan and the 2011 upgrades were very minor compared to those received by the other Jeep models.

In Australia the Cherokee has been a strong seller over the years but the KK has been a dissapointment with traditional Cherokee buyers as its perceived to be too soft as a serious off roader and not refined enough as a soft roader. Its stuck in a 4WD limbo due to designers trying to appeal to the soft SUV market at the expense of the traditional Cherokee buyer needs. The luggage area is too small for most buyers needs and simple things like the accelerator being positioned too low makes it impossible for shorter drivers to reach the pedals. The low ground clearance is compensated for with an excellent traction control system and now that the Mopar 2" Lift Suspension package is on the market, the KK Cherokee becomes a more balanced vehicle for the more difficult trails. Lets hope the new 2012 KK Cherokee does not leave its tradditional 4WD roots behind.

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